May 5 – Arrival in Poland

Greetings from Poland!

After several hours of flying for some, and traveling by trains for others, we have all arrived safe and sound in Krakow, our first destination of the grad trip. Some students began their Europe ventures a week ago, broadening their horizons touring different parts of Europe, and others of us began our journey Sunday evening, leaving Vancouver and arriving late Monday evening local time. Fourteen of us travelled on the group flight together, which involved a 9 hour layover in Munich. The long lay over meant trying to catch some sleep for some and venturing into the city for others.

The Munich contingent made the most of their time. After hopping on the S1 train, we ended up in Marienplatz, the centre and heart of the city. We visited city hall and Frauenkirche (Chruch of our Lady). This Gothic cathedral has onion-shaped domed towers that are unmistakable from almost anywhere in the plaza. Our outing would not be complete without leisurely afternoon at Hofbräuhaus, a traditional inn where guests can mingle in its outdoor beer garden and listen to traditional Bavarian music.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we will be getting up in a few short hours to complete our first tour of our trip! The early morning, will mean no time to let jet lag set in. With the early morning and busy day ahead we best say goodnight! We are all excited for what is in store for us and are grateful for all those who made this trip possible!

Vanessa & Megan


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