May 7: AGH University of Science and Technology

UBC Mining had the privilege of visiting the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Specifically, we visited the Mining and Geoengineering Faculty. The campus consisted of a mix of modern buildings and infrastructure built during communistic times. Upon arriving at the campus, we were led down a dim narrow corridor that reminded us of our high school days. We were seated in one of the classrooms were a well-dressed Polish professor greeted us and gave us an introduction and some background to the University.

group shot

Our tour guide was a PHD candidate known to us as Paulina. She showed us a number of laboratories in the University and we were impressed by the quality and condition of the equipment that the labs included: pulverizes, jaw crushers and ball mills etc. The lab facilities made the impression of being very well maintained and taken care of.

The tour concluded with a visit to a mock underground simulation mine. This was totally unexpected by us and we were pleasantly surprised by how real the simulation was; it felt like being in an underground coal mine and actually contained parts of actual machines and tools. This included an underground long wall mining machine, a continuous road header and load, haul equipment. This unique set up provided a visual and hands on understanding of the operating challenges faced within underground coal mining operations.

underground sim longwall

Upon exiting the underground simulation our group enjoyed a tasty and affordable lunch in the cafeteria before heading back towards the bus. Instead of going straight to the hotel the bus driver dropped us off at the Wawel Royal Castle for some free time. Most students viewed some of the impressive rooms and towers of the castle which is located right on the Wisla River. It was a beautiful end to our day of exploring Krakow for another day.

Dinesh and Tobi


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