May 14, 2014 KGHM Day 3

Day three of our KGHM tour took us to their tailings management facility as well as their head office and football (soccer) stadium. KGHM is a very diversified company, with having KGHMI (International) as well as owning their own football team, which is currently playing in the highest league in Poland.

We picked up our tour guide for the tailings facility at the nearby office, and drove to the toe of the tailings dam.


Photography was not allowed on the tailings facility, but the site was quite large. The dam is 60m high at the highest point, which was because of the topography. The average height of the dam was 40m. The dam covers an area of 1400 hectares or 1.4 square kilometers. The dam is increasing in height at a rate of 2.2-2.4m per year. Tailings dam push back occurs every two years with a height increase of 5m for each push back.  The tailings facility gets tailings from all three of the KGHM concentrators. The concentrators from Lubin and Rudna sent sand like tailings which are used to help build the dam. The tailings from Polkowice-Sieroszowice are more clay like in nature, and are deposited into the center of the tailings facility. The facility is also located in close proximity to a local town. The tailings facility has several monitoring methods including 1400 pizometers, 70 inclinometers, various automatic survey prisms scattered around the dam that are scanned in 20 minute intervals, and various other monitoring methods.

2014-05-14 10.22.28

The next stop for our tour took us to the head office and football stadium.

2014-05-14 11.12.45

At the stadium, we were greeted with hot and cold beverages as well as snack food. After some time to eat, we had three presentations about the company. The first presentation was about the company as a whole, and how they plan to explore and expand on their current resource base. The second presentation was on Glogow Gleboki (GGP), and their plans to expand mining in the current active districts within Poland. The GGP area is between their current operations in Rudna and Polkowice-Sieroszowice. The GGP area spans 50km between the furthest points, and is the deepest part of the deposit. The average underground temperatures in the region are expected to be around 41-50 degrees Celsius. The third presentation was about Human Resources, and how their globalization as a company has changed the core values of the company and has effected the company as a whole. They discussed the core values of the company which are: Zero Harm, Success Through Teamwork, Drive for Results, Courage, Accountability. These values are to be stressed throughout the entire company. We were then fed lunch, and concluded our trip with a short tour around the football pitch. We were able to make it onto the field for a picture, and we saw inside the security office at the stadium.



– Peter and Tony


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